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Fastway Footpegs Installation, Adjustment, and First Ride | KTM 500 | Hard Enduro Upgrades

Fastway Footpegs Installation, Adjustment, and First Ride | KTM 500 | Hard Enduro Upgrades

If you’re like us, when you throw your bike off a cliff chances are you are going to need to replace some stuff, so let’s start with the footpegs that hypothetically got absolutely destroyed when the bike decided to Thelma and Louise itself into a canyon. For the record, we were going to make it up that hill…

We went with Fastway footpegs, not so much because we wanted something different from stock, but rather because we could get them, the supply chain being what it is these days.

The first thing that we noticed about the footpegs was that they are massive compared to the stock ones that we were swapping out. 

The second thing that we noticed was that there were absolutely zero instructions included, all assembly was required, and that the little bottle of red liquid that could have been either Loctite or lube was not labeled. We opted to not open the unidentified liquid, instead tossing it into our toolbox to play Loctite or Lubricant at a later date.

The pegs came with adaptors for our KTM 500 EXC and are fairly adjustable, both front to back and camber, but more on that later. First let's get them on the bike.

Step 1) Remove the cotter pin that holds the footpeg mounting pin in place taking care to not lose the washer on the back end.

Step 2) Tap out the pin using the conveniently included tool that will act as a punch to get the pin to move the final little bit. At this point it is probably a good idea to make a note of the orientation of the spring that keeps the footpeg from flopping around. In our case we ended up reusing the stock springs as the ones that came with the set were in the wrong orientation.

Step 3) Since there is a left and a right peg and they are not labeled, we matched the tilt angle of each peg and then proceeded to fumble around with the included adaptors to figure out what the next step was. As mentioned, there is a bit of adjustability, and it turns out that depending on which side you hammer the adaptor in you can adjust the peg either forward or backward. We opted for further back to keep our weight back.

Step 4) There is an adjustment for the camber angle of the peg as well in the form of a screw in the base of the peg. The tighter the screw, the lower the footpeg. We opted to try and make them as flat as possible, which put the screw all the way in. We put some Loctite on this screw as we don’t want it to self adjust down the road.

Step 5) Attach the spring to the footpeg and mount and slide the pin through the peg, securing it at the back end with a cotter pin, making sure to reuse the washer from step one.

Step 6) Cleat installation. This could also be step one if you wanted to sit on the couch for a few minutes, but we saved it for last. The kit comes with two sizes of cleats so choose your favorite and install them with the included allen wrench. We opted to Loctite these as well, just to be safe. Fastway was kind enough to include about double of each size which is nice as we have lost some cleats on other items on the machine.

Step 7) Go ride! While on the ride you may notice that the wider pegs offer both noticeable comfort and greater ability to weight the pegs as needed to traverse the trail of your choice.

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