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Our high-tech 3D printed chin mounts are engineered to fit your helmet perfectly, no dangerous modification required. WannaBes chin mounts are the lightest you’ll find and set up in seconds with no tools required — just peel off the backing of the 3M tape from each “wing” and press your  action camera mount to your helmet’s chin guard (check out our instruction video for tips). Find the helmet chin mounts for your specific helmet model in our online shop.

At Extreme Sports WannaBes, we bring you precision fit action camera chin mounts for most popular off-road motorcycle helmets. Capture exactly what you want to share with the world without worrying about your camera mount slipping or flying off. Our helmet chin mounts are compatible with all major action cameras such as the GoPro Hero (10,9,8,7,6,5...), DJI Osmo, Sony, Garmin, Akaso, and more. Enjoy the best POV for all riding styles with mounts made by your fellow riders.

Find Your Model

If you're looking for exact-fit chin mounts for off road helmets, you have come to the right place! At Extreme Sports WannaBes, we offer super-durable and rugged action camera chin mounts for a wide range of helmet models, built by riders and YouTubers like you. All our products are designed and built in the United States so you can be sure of getting quality that lasts.

Find your motorcycle helmet mount model now in our online shop. Order today and enjoy our satisfaction guarantee and crashproof warranty.

Crash Proof Chin Mounts

Precision Fit Chin Mounts

WannaBes helmet chin mounts are custom designed for a precision fit on each helmet model. Our high-tech 3D printed manufacturing system lets us develop new releases regularly! Each mount perfectly matches your helmet’s style and curves for a featherweight fit that won't affect your helmet's usability. 

Our mounts hold at least 20 lbs of static weight at the camera forks so you never have to worry about losing a camera. Durable high-strength 3M tape provides reliable secure attachment to your helmet so there's no need to drill holes, use ugly Velcro or other unreliable clamp systems.

Extreme Sports WannaBes Precision Fit Chin Mounts

Best POV for all riding styles

WannaBes mounts are perfect for Enduro, Motocross, and ADV riding, and a great companion for moto vlogging where chin mounts are the sweet spot of camera angle, depth perception, and point of view immersion for your viewers. Capture exactly what you see, and say, every time. With the built in title-angle indicator marks, you can consistently get the same great angle each ride. 

We specifically designed each mount to position the camera far enough away from the helmet surface to allow you to capture the full field of view (not just the ground). Chin mounting is the best of all worlds offering direct immersive point of view footage your viewers will appreciate.

For ALL action cameras

WannaBes mounts work with all action cameras such as the GoPro Hero 10,9,8,7,6,5…, DJI Osmo, Sony, Garmin, Akaso and more. Also works with the official GoPro Media Mod on the Hero 8,9,10

*some models or accessories may require adaptor, available separately.

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It's official, version 2.0 of our awesome action camera chin mounts are now available in all the styles we sell. We've heard your cries for help, and we're here for you. This version is flexible, you literally can't break it (almost). We ran it over with the truck, hit it with a hammer, it's tough stuff. Check out why we upgraded, and what it'll do for your crash game!

Graham Jarvis On The Mobcast | Episode 1 | That's It Then In'it?

“Why fucking just get a bit of time on him, you know what I mean”, he thought, and when pushing a bit harder he hit a rut and was faced with the choice we have all made hundreds of times - put a foot down or fall off the bike. At Javis’ pace, putting a foot down means it is hitting the ground at a pretty good clip, and even with knee braces on “somethings gotta give, especially when you are tired as well, in’it.” He had an ACL injury 20 years before, so he knew that he was in for months of recovery.

Touratech Aventuro Helmet Chin Mount for Action Cameras

We are always stoked when we make a new helmet mount but this one has a special story as this particular mount was designed for Canadian documentary photographer and filmmaker Dustin Silvey’s Touratech Aventuro. Dustin will be going on an epic ADV ride down the coast into South America, and we can’t wait to see what he can produce when he pairs his GoPro with our custom 3D printed chin mounts.
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