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Welcome to the offical blog of Extreme Sports WannaBes! In these articles you'll find tips, advice, how tos, product reviews, and tons of other information all about Enduro riding, the unique chin mounts we make, and our experiences as riders, vloggers, and YouTubers. Many of our articles have companion YouTube videos if you'd rather watch than read the info we're covering.

We also typically write-up short summaries of our podcast episodes. You can find the full episodes on your favorite podcasting platform (eg, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, etc) or on our YouTube channel under the Playlist "Mobcast".

We love engagement, so if you have an idea, want to ask a question, or think we're wrong about something, please don't hesitate to drop a comment, message us via the webchat, send us an email, or find us on Instagram. We're pretty responsive (unless you're a troll 😏).

Fastway Footpegs Installation, Adjustment, and First Ride | KTM 500 | Hard Enduro Upgrades

If you’re like us, when you throw your bike off a cliff chances are you are going to need to replace some stuff, so let’s start with the footpegs that hypothetically got absolutely destroyed when the bike decided to Thelma and Louise itself into a canyon. For the record, we were going to make it up that hill…

How to Adjust KTM Clutch Pre Load in New "Springless" Belleville Washer System | Fix Clutch Slipping

If you have learned anything by watching our videos or reading our blog (besides the fact that we make epic chin mounts for action cameras) it is that we abuse the shit out of our clutches. You kinda have to for the area that we ride in, or at least that is what we tell ourselves in order to sleep at night, the aroma of smoked friction plates filling the room.

Idle & Cold Start Screw adjustment how-to | late model KTM EXC dirt bikes with EFI systems

I pointed out in my first ride video for my KTM 500EXC-F that the bike had a tendency to flame out quite a bit more than I thought it should, and after adding the GET ECU, I had a few issues restarting the beast. Both situations were pretty frustrating, and of course I caught them both on video. Here's how to fix that. 

How To Change And Bleed 🛠🏍 Front KTM Brembo Brakes | Replace Brake Pads and Brake Fluid

As they say, brakes only slow you down, but putting fresh pads on your machine shouldn't cost you too much time. If you have a KTM and need to replace your worn pads, it is actually a pretty simple task with a short list of tools required.

2021 KTM 500 EXC-F | First ride review, initial impressions | Monster Torque, but needs pipe and ECU

The WannaBes team recently picked up two brand new 2021 KTM 500 EXC-F enduro bikes from Malcom Smith Motorsports in Riverside, CA. After swapping out the stock street tires for some proper knobbies and adding a few pieces of armor, we take the bikes out for their first enduro ride and give you our first impressions raw from the trail.

How To Change and Bleed Rear KTM Brembo Brakes

Bleeding the rear brakes of a 2stroke dirt bike isn't all that hard. Why waste money on a mechanic when we're super sure you can handle this routine maintenance task. To get you going, we've got some tips, and a how-to video you can follow.

Is a 2021 KTM 500 EXC-F worth it? | 70 Hour Enduro Build Review | the good, the bad, the expensive 😲

New bikes are only new until that first ride, so we like to think of bike ownership as more of a journey. Ultimately it is the time you spend with the machine that should bring you the most joy, so why not make it fit your riding style and enjoy the trip.
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