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LS2 Blaze & Explorer Helmet Chin Mount for Action Cameras

LS2 Blaze & Explorer Helmet Chin Mount for Action Cameras

The LS2 Blaze and Explorer helmets both offer similar features for all of your dual sporting needs, but they are definitely not twins. They both have a drop-down sun shield and plenty of ventilation, but that’s where the similarities stop. The shell of the Blaze is KPA where the Explorer is fiberglass, for example, and the Explorer’s cheek pads have been cut by frickin’ lasers, unlike the Blaze where LS2 used scissors or whatever. We aren’t experts on helmet liners, but we are when it comes to making GoPro compatible chin mounts for both of these LS2 helmets

Our 3d printed chin mounts are designed to extend far enough from your chinbar to allow the camera to have plenty of “tip back” angle. When you are standing on your pegs, this tip back angle allows you to align the camera with your eyeport on the helmet to get a parallel view of the terrain - a little of the bike, a little of the horizon - you know, the perfect perspective.

We have found that the chin mount location is optimal for a POV camera for a couple of reasons. First, audio pickup is much better. With the camera in front of your mouth you can clearly hear yourself swearing as your buddy pulls away or laughing when the same buddy gets stuck in the rut you warned him about 10 minutes earlier. Second, your camera does not stick out where a tree branch can knock it out of alignment, or worse, send it tumbling into the weeds or off the side of a cliff. While there is a chance that you may hit the camera if you crash, we have found that most people do their best to turn their head to avoid a face full of dirt whenever possible. Even if you do go chin first into a rock, we can promise you that the mount will not break.

That is a bold statement, one that we back up with a lifetime warranty. Hassle free, just let us know and we will get a new one out to you.

Our chin mounts are made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane which has rubber-like properties. This allows us to make mounts that are flexible enough to twist into a pretzel, but strong enough to keep your camera pointed exactly where you aim it without inducing vibration even at full boogie over rocky terrain.

We designed the mounts for maximum convenience, not just durability. The GoPro mounting screw is on the opposite side making it easier to access the battery side door. We also have notches to help you get a consistent tip back angle every time. You should be able to fit most cameras from GoPro to DJI Osmo and everything in between on our custom-fit mounts.

The mounts for the LS2 Blaze and Explorer helmets are designed to be removable without leaving any residue on the helmet, and we do offer replacement 3M mounting tape if you want to reattach it later. That said, you will need to also pick up some Gorilla Clear Grip Glue (say that five times fast) to adhere the tape to the mount.

If you were wondering if our mounts work with the Media Mod, the answer is yes, so get out there and make some epic content.

For samples of what kind of perspective our mounts can give you, check out our Instagram, YouTube, or for the kiddos out there, Tik Tok channels.

In the box:

  • Chin Mount for the LS2 Blaze or Explorer.
  • Mounting screw
  • Sweet WannaBes stickers.
  • Alcohol Pad

Optional Accessories Available For Purchase



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