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Klim Krios Karbon Chin Mount Cover Photo

Klim Krios Karbon Helmet Chin Mount for Action Cameras

 Klim is a trusted name when it comes to designing great helmets for bikers that want only the best, and they may have outdone themselves with the Krios Karbon helmet with its modern and innovative design and slick curves. Klim has sourced the best materials for designing this helmet that has made this model lighter and sturdier than many other helmets, many users have shared their firsthand experience with the helmet, and they all praise it for its lightweight and high level of comfort.

The versatile helmet comes with 4 different ride modes that include ADV, Dual-Sport, Off-Road, and Street. All of them look awesome and it's easy to change the helmet modes because of their high modularity. Klim says that the Krios helmets provide a premium experience through their High-Performance Carbon-Fiber construction and aerodynamic superiority making bikers flow through the air like an arrow from the bow.

The Klim Krios Karbon Chin Mount

At the WannaBes, we have designed our own custom fit action camera chin mount for these helmets that can fit all sorts of portable cameras like the GoPro Hero lineup (5,6,7,8,9,10) or the Insta 360. Our custom mount is easy to install and uses your head as a camera gimble ensuring the camera always points at what you see. WannaBes mounts don’t block the air vents of the helmets so you can feel the cool breeze on your face while you fly through your
favorite trail.

Features of the mount

The installation process for this mount is pretty simple. We’ve incorporated a reverse screw direction so you can easily install the screw from left to right. We did this because newer versions of the GoPro Hero Cameras have battery doors on the sides that can be hard to access when there is a screw blocking them.

Our mounts are designed to accommodate the GoPro media mods (even for the larger Hero 9 and 10 form factor) however, because of the GoPro flex legs, you must remove the media mod from the mount to access the battery (regardless of mount).

All mounts are installed using 3M tape that is waterproof and extremely strong so you don’t have to worry about the mount falling off and you can wash the helmet with the mount in place.

Why you should use a Chin Mount

Normal mounts that sit on top of helmets have an uneven angled view that doesn’t give an immersive experience in the videos, whereas chin-mounted cameras have a better perspective, and they record what you are experiencing on the bike. Terrain features becomes more prominent, and the footage looks better than ever! Video from our chin mounts gives a more authentic and immersive first-person perspective.

With chin mounting, the camera is positioned directly in front of your mouth which means it picks up better audio while you are riding. Our chin mounts also better protect your camera from thick bushes or branches that might rip a traditional top-of-helmet mounted camera away without you ever noticing (costing you both your camera and your ride footage

What’s in the Box

When you order a WannaBes mount, it comes in its own little box that has the mount and a couple of pretty cool stickers from us along with a screw and an alcohol prep pad that will help you clean the helmet surface before you attach the mount.

Mounting Tips

Mounting is pretty simple but might get a little tricky for first timers that aren’t used to the process.

First, you decide where to actually place the mount on your helmet ensuring that the entire mounting surface will make full contact with the helmet.

Second, gently spread the mounting wings so it's easy to slide the mount onto the helmet. Make sure you don’t slide the mount too far onto the helmet

Third, there’s approximately 10 seconds where you can fiddle around a little to make it fits properly after which it’s going to be stuck to the helmet surface.


The Klim Krios Karbon Helmet is a hugely popular option for adventure riding and with our mount, your vlogging look even more awesome and immersive. If you have any questions about our chin mounts, or just want to learn more about the ways we use action cameras to capture our riding adventures, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Buy your mount now

If you’re ready to start your own adventure, pickup a chin mount for yours today!

In the box:

  • Chin Mount for the Klim Krios Karbon.
  • Mounting screw
  • Sweet WannaBes stickers.
  • Alcohol Pad

Optional Accessories Available For Purchase


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