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Big Bear Trail Ride 2020 blog cover photo

Big Bear Trail Ride 2020

The 2020 and 2021 Big Bear Trail rides were fantastic one-day hard enduro events in Big Bear California hosted by the Big Bear Trail Riders> and the AMA. You can check out our video of the 2020 ride (we only shot short clips of the 2021 ride). While we didn’t finish either year (technical challenges, ie, we were badly out of shape), we did find some new single track in an area we thought we’d fully covered over the years and, most importantly, we had an absolute blast hitting the trail with so many other skilled riders.

The tracks are created by the event organizers. While the routes are similar each year, they do change up the order of various sections. We're not posting a track because it's basically just a collection of all the good stuff in the area. We'll post those tracks separately in posts on trail segments such as Gold Mountain, Malcom Smith, John Bull and Devils Hole coming soon.

Ride Tips:

  1. Start on time. Riders were on the trail by the time the ride was supposed to open (6 am this year).
  2. Keep pace. They close checkpoints an hour or two after the main group gets through. If you lag (for whatever reason) the sweeps will pull you out even if you think you have time to finish still.
  3. Most of the actual miles are on fire roads. But, this ride is still pretty technical and exhausting. There’s plenty to keep you working.
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