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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information about our products, how to order from our store, what to expect from shipping, or if you can return an item you don't like? You've come to the right place. While we have a formal shipping and returns policy (link in the footer across the site), we've broken down some of the most common questions we are asked in this simple accordion to get you direct answers fast!

Of course, if you don't find your question here, we encourage you to reach out to us - we're pretty response. You can send us an email through the Contact page or you can click on the little message pop up on the bottom right of your screen and chat with us directly (we're in California, so if it's late at night out time, we won't answer till the next day). 


I’m not in the US, can I still get a mount?

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Absolutely! We currently ship to many international destinations.

You'll pay shipping which is calculated based on your order weight and address. We are not able to refund shipping charges for international orders after we mark an order as shipped. While we work to minimize customs issues and are able to collect VAT up front for European Union orders, any customes fees or import duties are your responsibility.

You can find the current list of supported countries in our Shipping Policy (link in the website footer).

How long does shipping take?

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We send all orders out within 2 business days. That means if you order on a Friday night, your item may not ship until the following Tuesday, for example. We need this time to prep and pack your order, so paying for a super fast shipping option isn't going to cut down on the processing time unfortunatly (though it will reduce the travel time of your item).

Standard shipping is by United States Postal Service, First Class Package. For US orders, travel time is between 1 and 4 days. For international orders, travel time is between 7 and 14 days. Please bear in mind that the aftermath of the COVID pandemic may impact shipping times in ways that are out of our control (such as when port space is not available for ships to unload).

Returns, Refunds, & Support

Are you open to feedback on the mounts?

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Hell yes. If you’ve got a good idea (or a terrible one), hit us up and let us know.

My mount doesn’t seem to fit?

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You're probably doing it wrong 😜, just kidding! It's possible you have the wrong mount, either because we made a mistake, or you did. But not to worry, we’ll make it right ASAP.

If you have issues getting your mount onto your helmet, let us know and we’ll take care of you.

I want to return my mount?

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No problem at all. We have a 30 day full and free refund period, no questions asked (though we would love to know how we can get better, if you have ideas).

Simply let us know you’d like to make a return and we’ll get you started with a refund.

My mount broke, now what?

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We’re sorry to hear that, hope you’re not hurt in that crash. Fortunately, we're happy to help. Send us a picture of the damaged mount and in many cases we’ll replace it, free of charge (for the same model). 

Unfortunately, because our mounts are helmet specific, we can't warranty a mount installed on an incorrect helmet (because they weren't designed to cross models and we already know it won't work). 

And yes, our warranty covers mounts you broke in a crash. In fact, if you're interested, we will often be happy to post your crash footage on social media (credit to you of course) so everyone can see your spectacular step-off (sharing video of your crash is not required for a replacement).

Using WannaBes Mounts

How do you install this mount anyway?

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1. Clean your helmet and check fitment of mount

2. Remove backing from 3M tape

3. Spread wings and place on helmet

4. Press firmly to adhere tape

Can I wash my helmet with the mount attached?

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Absolutely, we do. The mounts are not affected by regular washing with water. You probably shouldn’t use harsh chemicals though (mostly because they’ll also damage your helmet).  

Is The WannaBes mount removable?

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It sure is, though you’ll probably need new tape to put it back on. The 3M tape we use is super strong, but it won’t permanently damage your helmet. To remove the mount, you’ll need to pull down on the GoPro forks with about 20 pounds of force (pull really hard).

If you'd like to reinstall your mount or move it to another helmet (of the same model), we sell replacement mounting tape. 

With our flexible "crash proof" mounts, you'll need to use Gorilla Clear Grip glue to attache the new tape to the mount (do not glue anything to your helmet). We don't sell this glue, but it's at Walmart and most hardware stores.

I messed up my tape, can I get more?

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Sure thing! Reach out and let us know what happened, pictures help here. If this was a first install for a new purchase, we'll take care of replacement tape. 

If you're moving the mount to another helmet, or reinstalling it after removing it, we sell replacement tape at a really reasonable price just for such occasions. 

If you have one of our flexible "crash proof" mounts, you'll need to use Gorilla Clear Grip glue to attache the new tape to the mount (do not glue anything to your helmet). We don't sell this glue, but it's at Walmart and most hardware stores.

Can I mount my GoPro upside down?

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Go for it! We designed our mounts to cover a wide range of angles so you get the perfect shot.

However, we don't think you'll actually need to because we've designed the forks to have enough space for great tilt-back when the camera is mounted upright (and that way it won't grab your backpack straps or stearing gear as much).

I use an Akaso/Sony/Garmin/DJI… camera, will The WannaBes mount work?

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Yes! The mounts hold any action camera that uses the standard GoPro style mounting forks. For cameras with a significantly different footprint, you may need to use a small adaptor or extension (sold all over Amazon or Walmart) to get the right angle.

Can I attached my GoPro Mic Adaptor?

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We do! Zip ties for the win

What about a Media Mod?

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We designed all our mounts to accomodate the Hero 9 and 10 larger footprint WITH the media mod. We love the media mod for it's great audio pickup and convenient plug options and we always run them.

Some people have noted that our reverse screw direction conflicts with the media mod's cutout section. That's no problem, the screw fits great from the other side (even though there's no cutout on that side) because the media mod is actually slightly thinner on the right (no electronics on that side).

What do you guys do for audio?

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We've got a few videos on that, it's a longer conversation.

The simplest answer is run the official GoPro media mod. The next best answer is run the media mod, but use an external mic hooked into the line in port.

The more complicated answer is, it depends, go watch the videos 😉

Can I use my existing GoPro screws?

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Sure thing! Our mounts are made with an embedded nut that’s the same thread size as the universal GoPro screw. While we include a screw with every mount we sell, you’re free to also use your own. 

If you need screws, we sell them on our site for a few bucks, but the only thing that's special about them is convenience (and our love 🥰)

Reversed screw direction, what’s that about?

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Late model GoPros (at least the 8, 9, & 10) have the battery door blocked by the traditional GoPro screw head.

To solve this, we made our mounts so that the screw attaches from the other side, leaving your GoPro battery do easy to access without the need to remove the camera.

Clever right?

Can I wrench on that screw to get it tight?

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Sure, they it help to keep things snug. But be gentle, cranking down too hard on any GoPro screw is likely to break something. If you do somehow pop the nut on our mounts, we’ve got you covered (once anyway

Can I use my mount on another helmet?

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It's relatively easy to remove the WannaBes mount and install it on another helmet of the same model (we sell spare mounting tape just for that reason).

However, all of our mounts are designed to fit only one model of helmet (the one mentioned in the store listing). If you try to install a mount on a helmet that it wasn't designed for, it's not gonna work.

If you're looking for a universal mount, there are several options from other sellers (we must warn you, those other mounts are NOT crash proof though 🤑)

Manufacturing Process?

Why 3D printing?

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Tooling for a traditional manufacturing approach such as injection molding costs several thousand dollars per design. It’s why there are no custom fit chin mounts on the market already. With 70+ common helmet models, many of which change each year, tooling simply isn’t sustainable for a boutique operation like ours – though we do keep an eye on our options.

More importantly, 3D printing let’s us react fast to user feedback with minimal cost and lead time for making changes people suggest to us.

If you're inclined to critique the "fit and finish" of a 3D printed part, you're probably more into looks that action and we're guessing you're bike is too clean to look at 🤣 - just kidding, we love all feedback, even if it's wrong!

Are 3D printed mounts strong enough?

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Yes! In fact, we're so glad you asked. Our newest designs (version 2.0 if you will) is damn near unbreakable, really, we guarantee it!

Need proof, check out our crash videos and weight tests. Our mounts are made with a high-strength internal cross-weave that’s super tough. The material itself is something called TPU, which is flexible enough to absorb almost anything you throw at it. We ran them over with our truck, smashed them under a brik, and hit them with a sledge hammer just to be sure.

The flexbility also helps to protect your camera by allowing it to flex away from an impact damping the force applied. You'll thank us later.

Of course, all our mounts come with a lifetime crash warranty so you can always get a replacement if you need.

What material do you print with?

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We currently print our mounts in something called TPU which is a tough but flexible rubber like material that absorbs impacts super well (it's nearly indestructable).

In the past, we used a plastic base called PLA for it’s ease of use. PLA was great in many ways, but it was possible to snap those mounts if you crash hard enough so we've moved on.

It's possible you'll still get a PLA version depending on when you place your order as it takes us a while to move all the many deisgns over to the new stuff. Never fear, the warranty applies in any case so we've got your back.

Can I get a mount in another color?

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Sadly not right now. We will be expanding to offer color choices in the future, but it requires us to add another 3D printer just for color work and that's an investment we can't quite justify at this moment.

I don’t see my helmet in the store?

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That sucks! You're probably not looking hard enough (as my dad used to say).

In all seriousness, we have many popular helmets, but not all of them. We suggest you try a search, if you still don't find your model, let us know. We’ll be sure your model goes on the development list.

If you are in the SoCal region and want to hurry us along, reach out and loan us a helmet to build for!!

Do you plan to cover Adventure/Street/MTB?

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Yes! We started with common enduro helmets because that’s what we mostly ride. But we’re expanding as fast as we can. Ultimately, we’ll offer mounts for any helmets we can prototype for, street, dirt, motocross, enduro, MTB, adventure, and anything else you can think of.

Reach out and let us know what helmet you’re looking for, the feedback helps us prioritize new releases. 

Why do you use 3M tape?

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3M tape is like magic. It’s easy to apply, nondestructive to your helmet, and holds like super glue (right up until you intentionally remove it).  

Why don’t you use screws, or Velcro, or glue?

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Never use screws, it’s super dangerous to drill holes in your helmet chin guard as it weakens the shell which you don’t want when you crash.

Velcro is prone to falling off over time (especially when it gets dirty or muddy). Glue is destructive and can’t be easily removed. So tape it is!

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