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70 Helmet Styles | 2000 Mounts Sold

Jon holds a chin mount box in this installation video cover photo

Let's show you how to install that chin mount!

How do you install this mount anyway?

1.      Clean your helmet and check fitment of mount

2.      Remove backing from 3M tape

3.      Spread wings and place on helmet

4.      Press firmly to adhere tape

Can I wash my helmet with the mount attached?>

Absolutely, we do. The mounts are not affected by regular washing with water. You probably shouldn’t use harsh chemicals though (mostly because they’ll also damage your helmet).  

Is The WannaBes mount removable?>

It sure is, though you’ll probably need new tape to put it back on. The 3M tape we use is super strong, but it won’t permanently damage your helmet. To remove the mount, you’ll need to pull down on the GoPro forks with about 20 pounds of force (pull really hard).

If you'd like to reinstall your mount or move it to another helmet (of the same model), we sell replacement mounting tape. 

I messed up my tape, can I get more?>

Sure thing! Reach out and let us know what happened, pictures help here. If this was a first install for a new purchase, we'll take care of replacement tape. 

If you're moving the mount to another helmet, or reinstalling it after removing it, we sell replacement tape at a really reasonable price just for such occasions. 

My mount broke, what now?>

We’re sorry to hear that, hope you’re not hurt too. Fortunately, we're happy to help. Send us a picture of the damaged mount and in many cases we’ll replace it, free of charge (for the same model). 

Unfortunately, because our mounts are helmet specific, we can't warranty a mount installed on an incorrect helmet (because they weren't designed to cross models and we already know it won't work right). 

Can I mount my GoPro upside down?>

Go for it! We designed our mounts to cover a wide range of angles so you get the perfect shot. 

I use an Akaso/Sony/Garmin/DJI… camera, will The WannaBes mount work?>

Yes! The mounts hold any action camera that uses the standard GoPro style mounting forks. For cameras with a significantly different footprint, you may need to use a small adaptor or extension (sold all over Amazon) to get the right angle. 

Can I attached my GoPro Mic Adaptor?>

We do! Zip ties for the win

What do you guys do for audio?>

We run external mics ported into the GoPro via the official GoPro mic adaptor (available for about $50 from GoPro or on Amazon). 

Can I use my existing GoPro screws?>

Sure thing! Our mounts are made with an embedded nut that’s the same thread size as the universal GoPro screw. While we include a screw with every mount we sell, you’re free to also use your own. 

Reversed screw direction, what’s that about?>

Late model GoPros (at least the 8 and 9) have the battery door blocked by the traditional GoPro screw head. To solve this, we made our mounts so that the screw attaches from the other side, leaving your GoPro battery do easy to access without the need to remove the camera. Clever right?

Can I wrench on that screw to get it tight?>

Sure, they it  help to keep things snug. But be gentle, cranking down too hard on any GoPro screw is likely to break something. If you do somehow pop the nut on our mounts, we’ve got you covered (once anyway

Can I use my mount on another helmet?>

It's relatively easy to remove the WannaBes mount and install it on another helmet of the same model (we sell spare mounting tape just for that reason). However, all of our mounts are designed to fit only one model of helmet (the one mentioned in the store listing). If you try to install a mount on a helmet that it wasn't designed for, it's not gonna work.

If you're looking for a universal mount, there are several options from other sellers.

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