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Our Story

Extreme Sports WannaBes is the ultimate destination for anyone looking to live life through adventure. From dirt biking to skydiving, Adventure riding to enduro racing, we have the action camera chin mount you need to capture exactly what you see and say every time. We designed the WannaBes chin mounts because we needed a better system for our own action cameras. As enduro riders and YouTubers, we’re constantly adding unique features that make our mounts easier to use. WannaBes love our "proudly designed and built in America" brand.

Jon and Kjeld in the 2023 Big Bear Trail Ride

*2023 Big Bear Trail Ride

Inspired By Our Love for Extreme Sports

With our mounts, you can get the perfect POV and capture more authentic footage. Our chin mounts provide the ideal camera placement for great depth perception, unbeatable angles, and point-of-view immersion your viewers will love. It doesn't matter how your ride - we have a chin mount for your helmet that works with all action cameras, including GoPros, DJI Osmo, Sony, Garmin, Akaso, and others. We're your best one-stop shop for precision-fit chin mounts.

Kjeld in the 2023 Soboba Trail Ride

*2023 Soboba Trail Ride

The WannaBes are a community for the unsung heroes that make extreme sports so great! We're inspired by our love for the great outdoors and action sports. Whether you spend your time in the backcountry, on trails, in coves, or on cliffs, you're in the right place. If you’re a WannaBe like us, then you know that the most important part of any adventure is the story that comes after. That’s why we created a chin mount for action cameras to ensure you get the perfect angle for all your action videos!

Behind the Scenes

Meet The WannaBes!


Need something built? Jon will find a way. In fact, the whole concept for The WannaBes was born in his weird mind - for which we’re all quite grateful.

You’d never know it by meeting him on the street, but Jon actually does have feelings and for being so quite, he’s almost always the first one to try stuff.



Jack of all trades, master of none, better still than a master of one.

By day, Kjeld designs high tech products in the startup world. By night (and in the afternoons and weekends), he’s tackling all the little things that need doing around The WannaBes (you know, boring stuff like accounting, getting permits, filing patents…).

As the old man in the group, Kjeld’s got plenty to prove, and if there’s a crazy crash video, it’s likely him flying head first into that rock.

Kjeld Lindsted

A few common questions we get

Who are the WannaBes?

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The WannaBest started life as two guys (Jon & Kjeld) who loved to get out and do shit.

We posted our first YouTube video way back in 2017. At first, the project was mostly a fun hobby, but when COVID hit in March of 2020 and we both lost our jobs, we decided it was time to get serious.

Today, we design killer equipment based on our own demanding specs as first users of our products.

Where are The WannaBes located?

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We’re based out of Southern California. All items will ship from our warehouse here. This is also where we do most of our riding, sailing, and camping. 

Why Chin Mounts?

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As YouTubers, we’ve tried every possible GoPro mounting position and angle and found most of them suck. To get good video you need good angles, which means chin mounting.

The problem was, every helmet is a little different and “universal” chin mounts just can’t cut it. They either look terrible, or won’t attach at all. We need something better, so we made it ourselves. 

How did you start making chin mounts?

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Jon made the first prototype out of aluminum sheet metal bent to fit the sharp angles of his new Airoh Aviator Ace helmet.

His mount was so cool, the rest of us begged to have one too. It didn’t take long for us to see the appeal these could have as an actual product.

How do you design for each helmet?

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To prototype a new helmet chin mount, we need to have the helmet in hand to test fitment. Design is done in AutoCAD software and it usually takes 2-5 iterations to nail all the angles and curves. 

How are WannaBes mounts made?

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All our mounts are prototyped and produced by 3D printing with hardware (nut and screw) and 3M tape carefully added by hand.

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