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"The Influencer" - 90 Degree Camera Adaptor for Tik Tok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts

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Action camera chin mounting provides the best possible point of view for motorcycle adventures. But what if you're shooting for Instagram, YouTube Shorts, or Tik Tok and want to capture full screen content without extra editing?

Includes 1 adaptor and 2 regular screws.

The Influencer Angle

Our 90 Degree "Influencer" adaptor rotates your action camera on its side so you natively capture a the "tall" full screen format used by most social media apps. With the new focus on "Reels" orientation, social algorithms are prioritizing tall content that fills the full screen of your smartphone. Don't let your channel fall behind the curve and risk loosing followers to a changing algorithm. 


Running the GoPro Media Mod? No problem, our adaptor works with most action cameras including the Hero 7,8,9, & 10 along with most cases and mods (you may need to flip the adaptor to accommodate some accessories which can only be mounted in one "direction") 

and Tripods

Our 90 Degree adaptor is also great for mounting your GoPro or other action camera to a traditional tripod for grabbing those still shots or studio footage where you need the camera to sit still for a minute. 

Screws Included!!

Each adaptor comes complete with two standard "GoPro" style screws to get you up and running without the need to hunt down an extra!

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