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Chin Mount for HJC CS-MX II Helmets

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Capture your riding the way you see it. Chin mounts with the right tilt-back angle offer the best POV video possible. Our mounts make sure you don't sacrifice your helmet to get there. 

Chin mount designed specifically for HJC CS-MX II helmets

A precision fit on HJC CS-MX II helmets. 

  • Perfectly compliments the style and curves of HJC CS-MX II helmets

  • Best POV

  • Featherweight, you won’t know it’s there!

  • 3D printed internal weave holds at least 20 lbs static weight

  • 3M tape provides reliable secure attachment to your helmet.

    • No holes, velcro, clamps, or straps.

Perfect camera angle, every time!

For Enduro, Motocross, and Adventure riding, chin mounts are the sweet spot of camera angle, depth perception, and point of view immersion for your viewers. Capture exactly what you see, every time.

  • Tilt indicator for the perfect angle each ride!

  • Eliminate awkward side views, flattened obstacles, and strained angles of other mounting locations.

Built by Riders & YouTubers

We designed the WannaBes mount because we needed a better system for our own action cameras. As users and YouTuber enthusiasts, we’re constantly adding unique features that make our mounts easier to use.

  • Great vocal reception

  • Protected from branches and other scrapes

  • Reverse screw direction allows easy access to later model GoPro battery doors WITHOUT removing the camera.

  • Tilt indicator gives you consistent camera angles each ride.

  • Embeded nut you can’t drop in the mud (even while wearing gloves).

  • Reversible camera position. Mount either up or down for widest range of possible angles.

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