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Chin Mount for FOX V1 & V2 Helmets (2019 - 2022)

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Every chin mount comes complete with:
*Version 2.0 "Unbreakable" chin mount
*Standard GoPro style screw
*Alcohol prep pad for cleaning
*Badass WannaBes stickers

Important Notes:

-Helmet NOT included

-GoPro NOT included

-Light NOT included

-Customs charges may apply to international deliveries and are your responsibility.

Our chin mount for FOX V1 & V2 (2019-2022) helmets fits any action camera securely in place for a perfect point-of-view shot. The WannaBes mount is precisely designed to perfectly complement the style and curves of your helmet while keeping your air vents free.

Precision Fit Chin Mount

Our Fox helmet camera chin mounts feature a built-in tilt indicator that makes it easy to consistently align your action camera for the perfect angle each ride.

Our helmet-specific chin mounts for action cameras are designed by riders and YouTubers, so you can be sure you're getting proven mounts for capturing all your adventures.

This helmet may also be called:

  • FOX Lux
  • FOX Ultra
  • FOX Skew
  • FOX Ridl
  • FOX Peril
  • FOX Trev
  • FOX Venz
  • FOX Bnkr
  • FOX Plaic
  • FOX Karrera
  • FOX Trice
  • FOX Tro
  • FOX Revn
  • FOX Przm
  • FOX Prix
  • FOX Voke
  • FOX Oktiv
  • FOX Dier
  • FOX Yorr
  • FOX Merz
  • FOX Nobyl
  • FOX Vlar
  • FOX Kresa
  • FOX Hayl
  • FOX V1
  • FOX V2
  • FOX 2019 - 2022

Camera Compatibility

Our action camera chin mounts are compatible with all GoPro models (Hero 11,10,9,8,7,6,5...) along with many other cameras such as models from Akaso, Garmin, DJI, or Sony. Our mounts are designed to accomodate GoPro's camera protective cases or their Media Mod and will give you excellent tilt-back angles even when you use a case or mod.

*some camera models may require an adaptor (sold on Amazon, Walmart, etc) to convert to the GoPro style mounting forks.

Crash Proof Chin Mounts

The WannaBes chin mounts are now made from a flexible material called TPU which is nearly indestructable. Not only is it practically impossible to break one of our mounts, the rubberized material also acts as a damper for any impact to your camera, helping keep your whole system safer in a crash!

Installation Instructions

1. Test mount position on helmet

2. Remove backing of 3M tape

3. Spread mount wings gently

4. Install on helmet ensuring full contact on whole tape surface.

*watch our install video for details

Fequently Asked Questions

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