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Chin Mount for BELL MOTO-10 Helmets

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Every chin mount comes complete with:
*Version 2.0 "Unbreakable" chin mount
*Standard GoPro style screw
*Alcohol prep pad for cleaning
*Badass WannaBes stickers

Important Notes:

-Helmet NOT included

-GoPro NOT included

-Light NOT included

-Customs charges may apply to international deliveries and are your responsibility.

A Chin Mount That’s Helmet Specific for Bell Moto-10 Series Helmets

You’re going fast. You’re crossing gnarly terrain, taking sharp turns, and making huge jumps. To take a solid action video while dirt biking, your camera mount has to keep up.

Bell has been setting the bar on helmet development in the off-road world since 1975. They set trends by finding solutions to make anyone in a Bell helmet as safe as possible, allowing them to perform at their best. It is no surprise that the Bell Moto-10 is the most advanced lid to come out of their factory with features designed to make other brands scramble to catch up.

Not to brag too much, but we feel that our 3D printed chin mounts are worthy of being attached to the Bell Moto-10. They are designed to extend far enough from the chinbar to allow the camera to have plenty of “tip back” angle for when you are standing on your pegs. This tip back angle allows you to align the camera with your eyeport on the helmet to get a parallel view of the terrain - a little of the bike, a little of the horizon - you know, the perfect perspective.

Special Features:

  • Uses secure 3M tape attachment — no straps, drilling, velcro, or clamps necessary
  • Holds up to 20lbs of static weight
  • Reversible camera position allows the best recording angles
  • Tilt indicator
  • Feather-light — you won’t know it’s there
  • Easy access to later-model GoPro battery doors without removing the camera
  • Snug fit for stable footage
  • Compatible with all major action cameras

We designed the Bell Moto-10 helmet camera chin mount to fit precisely on the chin for footage from your POV. This durable, 3D-printed design sits perfectly for the best camera angles, optimal sound quality, and perfect fit. Discover the WannaBes mount difference!

So Light and Secure, You Won’t Know It’s There

This advanced design is incredibly strong, but incredibly light. Its snug fit is just what you need for accurate footage that captures the magic of the moment.

So long awkward camera angles, distorted depth perception, and shaky footage. This specifically designed Bell Moto-10 chin mount is strategically located to capture the moment just as you see it.

Made for Every Extreme Sport WannaBe Out There

WannaBes has close connections with YouTubers and Instagram creators who give us continuous feedback on all our mounts.. Add our many years of personal passion for enduro riding and mountain biking and we know exactly what it takes to get the right footage. There’s no better Bell Moto-10 mount-helmet combo out there!

 This helmet may also be called:

  • MOTO-10 fasthouse DID
  • MOTO-10 gloss
  • MOTO-10 matte
  • MOTO-10 renen krone
  • MOTO-10 rythm
  • MOTO-10 webb marmot
  • MOTO-10 spherical
  • MOTO-10
  • MOTO10

Camera Compatibility

Our action camera chin mounts are compatible with all GoPro models (Hero 11,10,9,8,7,6,5...) along with many other cameras such as models from Akaso, Garmin, DJI, or Sony. Our mounts are designed to accomodate GoPro's camera protective cases or their Media Mod and will give you excellent tilt-back angles even when you use a case or mod.

*some camera models may require an adaptor (sold on Amazon, Walmart, etc) to convert to the GoPro style mounting forks.

Crash Proof Chin Mounts

The WannaBes chin mounts are now made from a flexible material called TPU which is nearly indestructable. Not only is it practically impossible to break one of our mounts, the rubberized material also acts as a damper for any impact to your camera, helping keep your whole system safer in a crash!

Installation Instructions

1. Test mount position on helmet

2. Remove backing of 3M tape

3. Spread mount wings gently

4. Install on helmet ensuring full contact on whole tape surface.

*watch our install video for details

Fequently Asked Questions

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