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Chin Mount for ALPINESTAR SM8 & SM10 Helmets

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Key Features:

-Helmet specific chin mount 

-Worn by top vloggers on YouTube and Instagram

-Best POV, best style

-Super-strong 3D print, holds 20+ lbs static weight

-Risk Free purchase - Easy Returns

Important Notes:

-Helmet NOT included

-GoPro NOT included

-Customs charges may apply to international deliveries and are your responsibility.

At Extreme Sports WannaBes, we help you create videos that make viewers feel like they’re blasting down the trail with you, with a chin mount for your Alpinestar S-M8 helmet. We love chin mounts because they capture the ride the same way that you see it, getting the best POV possible for your video. Even better, with one of our chin mounts, you don’t have to dangerously modify your helmet to get the angle you want!

Special Features:

  • Secure Attachment with 3M Tape
  • Great vocal reception
  • Camera protection from branches and other scrapes
  • A snug fit with no drift
  • Reverse screw direction for easy access to battery doors without removing the camera
  • A tilt indicator to give you consistent camera angles for each ride
  • Embedded nut you can’t drop in the mud (even while wearing gloves)
  • Reversible camera position

We want to make sure that you’re getting the best helmet action camera mount for your needs. Check out our Alpinestar S-M8 & S-M10 helmet mounts:

  • Helmet-Specific Chin Mount
  • Designed by Enduro Riders and Content Creators
  • Best POV Mount
  • High-Tech 3D Printed Mount
  • 20+ Lbs. Static Carrying Capacity
  • Featherweight feel

This product is worn by some of the top motocross vloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Join them! Check out our video FAQ for using this camera mount.

Alpinestar S-M8 / S-M10

This chin mount provides a precise fit for Alpinestar helmets. We designed it to meld to every curve and angle on the helmet’s chin guard. No dangerous screws, ugly straps, or unreliable clamps, just secure, safe 3M double sided tape!

Built by Riders & YouTubers

We started designing mounts for mountain bikers, motocross, and more because we wanted a better system for our own video adventures. As riders and YouTuber enthusiasts, we’re constantly adding unique features that make our mounts easier to use. Discover the difference that our Alpinestar S-M8/S-M10 helmet chin mount makes to your videos today!

See for Yourself!

For samples of what kind of perspective our mounts can give you both with and without The Influencer, check out our Instagram channel. That is unless you are under 15, then you can hit up our Tik Tok (just kidding, lot's of big kids are into dancing too 😏). If you are baffled by both of those, we also showcase our hooligan antics on YouTube. Whatever you choose, you can see why mounting your camera to the chinbar is the best way to capture the action.

Camera Compatability

Our GoPro chin mounts are compatible with all GoPro models (10,9,8,7,6,5...) available and along with many other models such as Akaso, Garmin, DJI, or Sony. Our mounts are designed to accomodate GoPro camera protective cases or the GoPro Media Mod and will give you excellent tilt-back angles even when you use a case or mod.

*some camera models may require an adaptor (sold on Amazon, Walmart, etc) to convert to the GoPro style mounting forks.

Crash Proof Chin Mounts

The WannaBes chin mounts are now made from a flexible material called TPU which is nearly indestructable. Not only is it practically impossible to break one of our mounts, the rubberized material also acts as a damper for any impact to your camera, helping keep your whole system safer in a crash!

Installation Instructions

1. Test mount position on helmet

2. Remove backing of 3M tape

3. Spread mount wings gently

4. Install on helmet ensuring full contact on whole tape surface.

*watch our install video for details

Fequently Asked Questions

All Day GoPro Battery

Checkout our video on how to run your GoPro all day without changing the batter!

Read the blog instead

Checkout Our Blog

Unbreakable Crash Proof Chin Mounts | Version 2.0 | New Flexible Material + Easier Installation

It's official, version 2.0 of our awesome action camera chin mounts are now available in all the styles we sell. We've heard your cries for help, and we're here for you. This version is flexible, you literally can't break it (almost). We ran it over with the truck, hit it with a hammer, it's tough stuff. Check out why we upgraded, and what it'll do for your crash game!

Graham Jarvis On The Mobcast | Episode 1 | That's It Then In'it?

“Why fucking just get a bit of time on him, you know what I mean”, he thought, and when pushing a bit harder he hit a rut and was faced with the choice we have all made hundreds of times - put a foot down or fall off the bike. At Javis’ pace, putting a foot down means it is hitting the ground at a pretty good clip, and even with knee braces on “somethings gotta give, especially when you are tired as well, in’it.” He had an ACL injury 20 years before, so he knew that he was in for months of recovery.

Touratech Aventuro Helmet Chin Mount for Action Cameras

We are always stoked when we make a new helmet mount but this one has a special story as this particular mount was designed for Canadian documentary photographer and filmmaker Dustin Silvey’s Touratech Aventuro. Dustin will be going on an epic ADV ride down the coast into South America, and we can’t wait to see what he can produce when he pairs his GoPro with our custom 3D printed chin mounts.
Designed & Built in the United States

Designed and Assembled in the United States by a Family Owned Business!

Shop risk free with low cost domestic shipping and hassle free returns!

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