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Chin Mount for ALPINESTAR S-M8 / S-M10 helmets

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At Extreme Sports WannaBes, we help you create videos that make viewers feel like they’re blasting down the trail with you, with a chin mount for your Alpinestar S-M8 helmet. We love chin mounts because they capture the ride the same way that you see it, getting the best POV possible for your video. Even better, with one of our chin mounts, you don’t have to dangerously modify your helmet to get the angle you want!

Special Features:

  • Secure Attachment with 3M Tape
  • Great vocal reception
  • Camera protection from branches and other scrapes
  • A snug fit with no drift or wobble
  • Reverse screw direction for easy access to battery doors without removing the camera
  • A tilt indicator to give you consistent camera angles for each ride
  • Embedded nut you can’t drop in the mud (even while wearing gloves)
  • Reversible camera position

We want to make sure that you’re getting the best helmet action camera mount for your needs. Check out our Alpinestar S-M8 helmet mount:

  • Helmet-Specific Chin Mount
  • Designed by Enduro Riders and Content Creators
  • Best POV Mount
  • High-Tech 3D Printed Mount
  • 20+ Lbs. Static Carrying Capacity
  • Featherweight feel
  • Free Shipping & Returns (in the US)
  • Also fits the S-M10 - a specific chin mount for this helmet is in development

This product is worn by some of the top motocross vloggers on YouTube and Instagram. Join them! Check out our video FAQ for using this camera mount.

Alpinestar S-M8

This chin mount provides a precise fit for Alpinestar helmets. We designed it to meld to every curve and angle on the helmet’s chin guard. No dangerous screws, ugly straps, or unreliable clamps, just secure, safe 3M double sided tape!.Looking for a mount for the S-M10? It’s still in development but you can use the chin mount for the S-M8 until then!

Built by Riders & YouTubers

We started designing mounts for mountain bikers, motocross, and more because we wanted a better system for our own video adventures. As riders and YouTuber enthusiasts, we’re constantly adding unique features that make our mounts easier to use. Discover the difference that our Alpinestar S-M8/S-M10 helmet chin mount makes to your videos today!

*Helmet NOT included

*GoPro NOT included

*Customs charges may apply to international deliveries and are your responsibility.

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